The Wonders Of An Amazing Romantic Relationship

Successful Relationship Tips

Enjoying a wonderful and fulfilling romantic relationship is every woman’s dream – but it isn’t always the simplest thing in the world!

You may find yourself staying awake at night for hours on end wondering how to make a man fall in love with you. Well, no wonder! Romance is one of the biggest mysteries in the universe, something that has captivated people since the beginning of time. And of course you can’t always do anything about how someone else feels about you.

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Knowing what you want is essential in a relationship, so set your goals carefully. Be sure of what you really want.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have any influence over the matter, however!

If you want the man of your dreams to be captivated by you every time he’s in your presence, these suggestions may be just the thing you need to further your romantic cause.

1 Be True to Who You Are

If you want to make a man fall in love with you, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Men can sense authenticity in women. They can pick up on genuine and honest behavior easily. No man is drawn to a fake, unless he’s faking it himself.

There’s another big danger to acting like someone you’re not, too: not being able to keep up the charade.

So don’t pretend to like foreign films, horseback riding and vegan cuisine if you don’t! You’ll sooner or later get tired of pretending – or, worse, you’ll get caught out – and then everything will fall to the ground.

People holding up the word authentic
If you are authentic from the start, the future is much easier to cope with.

Men are drawn to women who are authentic! If you want to encourage a man to love you, show him the real qualities about you that make you shine.

But don’t hide qualities that you believe will push him away. The whole point of being in a relationship is being able to show your whole world and your whole sell to another person.

Your goal should be to find someone who loves the things that make you uniquely you. There’s simply no time in this world to pretend to be anyone else. No one has the energy for that.

2 Work on Your Listening Skills

If you want to be a wonderful romantic partner, yourlistening skills should be a big focal point. Work on them on a regular basis. Men can’t resist women who like hearing what they have to say!

Romantic relationships require give and take in equal measure. That’s true of good interpersonal relationships in general.

So if you want to have a successful relationship with a man who makes you feel loved, show him that you care about him as an individual. Don’t just talk to him about yourself!

Make sure that he understands you care about him, too. Show him that you have an interest in his life and in what makes him stick. Show him that you care about his aspirations in this world.

We all like feeling special in relationships, and that happens for a man when he is respected by a woman

listening skills.
Oh dear. If you feel like this, share how you feel.

So when he talks to you, listen to him. Look him in the eyes. Don’t let your thoughts wander off into space. Don’t act like your mind is a million miles away.


3 Exude an Aura of Confidence

If you want a man to fall for you, it can help to exude confidence. Men like confident women, and most want to love a woman who is self-assured.

Walk around with your head held high. Don’t slouch. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t ask for second opinions all of the time. Few things in this world can be sexier and more enticing than a woman who is 100 percent sure of herself.

(And look for confidence in him, too. Would you really want to love a man who was scared of a confident woman? Surely not?)

A confident woman, arms raised to the sky

Be confident and he will feel drawn to you!

The last thing you want to convey to a man is that you’re a woman who simply attaches herself to a man because she feels insecure alone.

However, he needs to respect you too! So make sure that any man you want to have love you understands that you’re a modern woman who is confident in herself and in her goals.

And make sure he sees that you’re someone who takes pride in herself as well.

This is key to knowing how to make a man fall in love with you! Don’t be meek and timid when you’re around the man who has all of your attention: show him that you love yourself.

If he sees that you love yourself, it may just encourage him to give you some love as well. That’s often how things go!

4 Focus on Your Looks

If you want to know how to make a guy fall for you, then remember to take pride in how you look.

If a man sees that you care about presenting yourself in a certain way, he’ll notice that you have respect for yourself.

We all know looks aren’t everything in this world when it comes to love. In fact, many things are much more important than physical appearances (such as, to name but a few, love, loyalty, trust, respect, honoring and so on – why not name the ones you find most important?)

mind map of thinking positively
Looks are really NOT everything in a relationship – for example,  a positive attitude counts for a huge amount!

That doesn’t mean, however, that looks don’t matter in any way. Read about this here: what women want, and what men want as far as looks are concerned.

As you know, it can never hurt to portray yourself in the best possible light. Make a point of wearing clothes which fit properly. Make sure your outfits don’t have wrinkles in them. Make sure your hair is always clean and soft as can be.

It’s also important to always smell good because men love it when women smell fresh. Above all, don’t make the mistake of looking like a slob when you’re around the man you want to dazzle!

That can be seriously off-putting.

It can also give a bad impression. If a man sees you looking like a shabby and dirty mess all of the time, he’ll wonder if it’s because you simply don’t care what he thinks.

He’ll also probably wonder if you’d put in more effort for another guy. If you want to wow a man and make him yours, you should go above and beyond to look as good as possible, no exceptions. After all, wouldn’t you expect the same of him as well?

5 Show Off Your Sense of Humor

a man jumping in the air with legs and arms akimbo
If he isn’t interested in having fun, is he really the man you want to be with?

If you want to get into a strong and solid romantic relationship, let alone have a man fall in love with you, don’t be afraid to let loose and have a little bit of fun.

Men like to have fun and show off their sense of humor, and they like a woman who can do that too.

Try to avoid acting awkward, stiff and uncomfortable as much as you can, for no man wants to be around a woman like that.

In short, feel free to relax around your man. But – if he’s the man you want to fall in love with you – consider this: how relaxed is he? How much fun is he to be around?

Feel free to look at life in a light manner. Tell a few of the most hilarious jokes you know. Don’t hesitate to laugh hard when your man says something particularly funny, either! Life is too short to be around people who are uptight and who don’t have a good sense of humor.

Men are drawn to women who are charismatic and who can identify when it’s time to laugh and when it’s time to be serious. Women are drawn to men like that as well. (Here’s a scientific article on why you need to have play in your relationship. That proves it!)

6 Avoid Rushing Things

Romantic relationships aren’t a race to the finish line. Indeed, they work better if you take them slowly – at least for most men and women!

Which means you should never rush a man. If you want to encourage a man to fall in love with you in an honest and real sense, you should give him plenty of time.

Make sure your relationship is relaxed and fun
Make sure your relationship is relaxed and fun!

Stress or pressure may just make him run away quickly, because men sometimes panic when they feel like a woman is being too pushy or aggressive.

If you want to move your romance into a positive direction, it can help to take a gradual approach.

So, whatever you do, don’t tell a man you like that you want to get married on the first or second date! And don’t tell him how many children you ultimately want to have!

You can talk about these things later on when the time is right. For now, if you want to make a man love you, ample time to allow things to evolve naturally is essential. (And of course, knowing when he’s never going to commit is essential too. More on that here.)