Fantastic Ways To Flirt

Here are five fantastic ways to flirt, ways to flirt which are effective, which can get the man you want to fall in love with you, to err…well, fall in love with you!

These flirting techniques have been identified by scientists and demonstrated to work! So let’s find out what they are!

First and foremost, as you might well know, is eye contact.

Elsewhere we talked about the “copulatory gaze”, which is definitely something you’ll recognize if you’ve ever made sexy, seductive eye contact with a man for a long time…. although do remember that “long” in this context is about two or three seconds – anything longer than that can seem aggressive or threatening.

How to get a guy to want you
Body language reveals a lot about how you are feeling!

The next thing thing is body language. We’ve all seen those statistics about how much of what you communicate comes through your body language, yes? Point being, you can really tell when a man’s interested in you by his body language. More important: you can give the message to him that you’re interested in him.

There’s another clear communication system you need to know: body posture. Work it right, flirt with a man in the right way, present the right body posture, and he will be yours before you know it!

Then there’s touching – you know how much you like to be touched by somebody you love?

Guess what? Scientists have discovered touching is a crucial element of flirting behaviour: OK, this might not be big news to you, but bear it in mind for the future when you’re trying to make a man fall in love with you.

Feel the touch of the man you love
Feel the (intimate) touch of the man you love!

There’s friendly touching, like a handshake, there’s touching which builds intimacy, like holding hands, or touching a man’s forearm, or an arm around the waist, and there’s touching which demonstrates affection, like a gentle caress of the face while you’re making love. (Oops, perhaps we’re moving a bit fast here.)

But there’s real power in this – you can mirror the body language of a man you’re interested in to show him your interest, and you can tell if he’s interested in you by watching if he’s doing the same thing to in return.

Fantastic, a communication system you don’t even have to think about!

Then there’s withdrawal. You know this one, I guess! If you’re flirting with a man, and you’ve got his interest, suddenly stop and gently withdraw… either change the conversation or leave. You’ll make him develop a really strong interest in you. You might even make him decide to pursue you….

These things work because they play on a part of the brain which is very basic – the limbic system. This is the most primitive and primeval part of the brain, programmed (among other things) to respond to signals from other people – it’s both impulsive and instinctual. It’s responsible for our core experiences of lust, desire, and mutual sexual attraction. Aha!

Sometimes acting for your good, sometimes not, this part of your brain holds much more power over your behavior and interests and actions than the cortex, which is the thinking part of your brain.

But here’s the thing – by consciously choosing to engage in behaviors which activate the limbic system, you can attract a man’s attention and have him falling for you before he even knows what’s happened! So…..

The warm friendly smile of a woman is something which seduces most men in a fraction of a second, because it says you’re in an open mood, inviting and approachable.

A man’s natural reaction is to respond to a woman’s smile with another smile – this makes the man feel equally friendly and open. Good for you! And what’s more, it doesn’t really matter what your smile is like, so you don’t have to have perfect white teeth! Men will respond to your smile with interest just because they’re programmed to do that.

Of course you need good body language and good posture too. These are really important – they communicate confidence, power and stability, all factors which attract men. Good body language isn’t just about how you’re standing, but also about how you’re moving….. hopefully with deliberate purpose in a self-assured way – you know the kind of thing I mean, I’m sure.

In fact, it’s the sort of thing you’d expect in the man you wanted to make fall in love with you (or at least to have him like you)….. so keep your head, shoulders, hips and knees and ankles in a vertical line, and keep your weight distributed evenly over your feet. If you want to impress a man – or should we say attract a man? – of course you can thrust out your breasts, and offer more sexualized signals. However, simply keeping your body posture “open” and friendly is an invitation for any man to get to know you better.

Master simple techniques like these and you’ll be able to make any guy you want fall for you – and maybe even make that man fall in love with you!