Falling In Love Again?

There are many ways in which we seem to be biologically programmed to choose a mate. So is it possible a woman could use these inbuilt, genetic “mechanisms” to seduce a man, or even to make him fall in love with her?

The Power of The Genes

Well maybe it is, yes. Certain postures, bodily appearance, facial expression and more are all deeply ingrained mating signals in many animal species, including humans.

For example, what’s become known as the “copulatory gaze” is a most striking example of this in human beings.

It’s not so much body language, as eye language! In cultures where eye contact between men and women is permitted, both men and women often stare fixedly at members of the opposite sex to whom they are attracted for about two or three seconds – and as they do, their pupils dilate.

This is a powerful communication signal. After this two or three second connection, the man or woman will drop their eyelids and look away.

And amazingly, this gaze has an immediate effect: it triggers a part of the human brain which is responsible for controlling two basic behaviors: approach or retreat.

So, the eyes of another person fixed on cause you to respond in some way – either to smile and start a conversation, or to look away and edge out of the room, out of what you perceive to be a potentially dangerous situation (or one you aren’t attracted to).

If you want to make a man fall in love with you, this could be your most powerful weapon in getting his attention!

If you or the person you’re looking at isn’t sure how to respond, or if there’s indecision – an urge to leave and an urge to stay – then you might engage in some kind of displacement activity such as fiddling with your clothes, tugging at your earlobe, yawning, or some other minor adjustment which gives you a couple of moments to decide whether to stay in the courting ritual (or leave).

Women know this better than men, because for centuries women have been the ones who’ve had to hide their desires, and the signs and signals which give them away, to conform with socially acceptable ways of expressing their sexual interest.

So, as confirmation of this mating game, David Givens, an anthropologist, and Timothy Perper, a biologist, spent a long time in American bars watching men and women flirt.

There are various phases to this process. With the inside track on this, remember this might be the best way to attract the man you desire! (Making a man fall in love with you comes after meeting him and getting his attention!)

Video – How to Flirt!

The first phase is about getting some attention. It starts when either a man or a woman (or a group) enters a bar, establishes some sort of territory, and then once settled, begins to look around and see whose attention they want to attract.

Women seek the attention of men by smiling, gazing, “preening” themselves, or by moving in a way that draws attention. Of course there are many feminine moves to employ here: twist your hair, tilt your head, look coyly upwards, lick your lips, blush gently and so on and so on – if you’re an experienced woman, you probably know some of these and many more.

This video is mighty relevant to a lot of women…. How to flirt….

And of course women have a well recognized courting walk: shoulders back, breasts out, sway your hips seductively and sexily…..

The point is, if you’re looking to find out how to make a man fall in love with you, then you can adapt these flirtatious gestures and mannerisms to your own advantage!

Next comes an intriguing phase called “the pickup”.

As potential lovers become more more at ease with each other, more comfortable, what happens is a mysterious aligning of the bodies, moving until the couple are face-to-face. This alignment can take place at any point in the first meeting – even after several hours – but it’s a definite signal there’s mutual attraction.

When the man crosses his legs, the woman might do so too; when she leans left, he might sdo so too.

You see this in birds who are pair bonding, although in the human case, it often happens when the couple are gazing at each other as well. So if a man’s looking deeply into each other’s eyes, you know there’s a lot of bonding going on!

Oddly enough, this is behavior that begins in infancy, even as early as the second day of life. The newborn baby will synchronize how it moves with the patterns of speech and movement of the people around it. That’s why people from similar cultures feel more comfortable together than people from different cultures, where the standards of social interaction are different.

But no matter what animal species you look at, there are some regular ritual mating behaviors which always precede sex.

It seems we are no different – so if you’re looking to get a man to fall in love with you, this might be something you want to investigate.

We know men are much quicker to fall in love than women, and also much more ready to see a potential partner as a long-term mate. The interesting thing is that men are also more likely to believe they’re in love with a woman when they’ve made love….. interesting, yes?

how to fall in love fast
Men fall in love deeper, harder and faster than women!

Of course, human courtship can be a slow process – if a man or woman comes on to someone too hard or too fast, it’s likely to produce rejection.

Which is, oddly enough, something you also see in the animals and birds all around us – if one partner makes the wrong move at the wrong time, they tend to be rejected: just like us, the conditions, the time, the degree of attachment, the emotional involvement, all this and more, has to be right before a relationship can go any further.

In the Western world, one of the most common ways of would-be lovers getting together, is to go out to dinner together.

As we know, even if a woman says she wants to split the cost, she really expects the man to pay, because he knows (and she knows) that he’s courting her, seducing her, gently offering a gift to her. And a gift, presented by the male to the female, to woo her, is one of the most common mating behaviors in the animal kingdom!

But there are more subtle factors at work too….

For example, the scent of a potential partner is extremely important in attracting or repelling a potential mate. Interestingly enough, a woman’s smell can indeed trigger infatuation in a man – is it possible that the same may be true in reverse?

But it isn’t just a partner’s scent you may be attracted to – it turns out we all have a mental “love map” which is almost like a template of the person who’s going to attract us sexually.

But beyond all the biology, chance plays a big part in finding a mate – which is why knowing about female flirtation tactics and mating gestures is going to give you the edge in making a man fall in love with you!

Sidebar: What about the concept of love at first sight? Many of use have experienced it, but does it actually mean anything? Maybe not. Scientists think it’s just the human expression of a biological urge, an inborn tendency, to mate. Oh well…..