Attracting A Man (2)

Here are my next 5 tips for getting a guy to like you.


Nothing turns a man off more than a woman who isn’t polite or kind. Even when you disagree with him, to be polite is to be courteous; you can tell that you disagree with him, and why you disagree, without belittling his opinions. Take it from me, if you show how kind you are, it’s going to make him fall in love with you faster. I mean, everyone wants a loving partner who they can trust, right?


falling in love again
Why do people fall in love? Simply because they have things in common and because they like each other!

Of course there’s got to be a reason why he’s going to be attracted to you besides your kindness and courtesy and your independence!

So there’s nothing wrong with you showing off your particular talents, skills and abilities – in fact, might even be a way to make him more attracted to you. If you’re a songwriter or a poet, you could write a song or poem just for him… that should impress him!


One of the difficulties I think a lot of people face in life these days is staying positive. And while we all know the saying “misery loves company”, the truth is that in fact happiness loves company much more – it’s fun to be around somebody who is happy and sees the optimistic and positive side of things.

We can all manage to be negative on our own – what we need, each and every one of us, is somebody to share positivity and positive experiences with. And of course, sometimes we’re all negative – BUT in general it’s much more productive for anybody in a relationship (and especially a woman trying to get into a relationship with a man she loves) to be positive in outlook and attitude.

I know that you might want to offload your trials and troubles by talking about them, and he might listen – but you have to remember you’re not in a deep relationship just yet, and a prospective lover isn’t really the person you should be using as a place to offload your stress or gossip about people who have done you harm.

Keep the conversation clean and positive, and you’ll stand a much greater chance of getting a guy to like you.

A Positive Attitude Turns A Man On
A Positive Attitude Turns A Man On

On the other hand – because all relationships are a balancing act, even in the early stages – you need to know how to make a man feel good about himself.

That’s the kind of thing that can make men want to be around you more.

The key here is to know just how much men like to be appreciated for what they do. So if you have a job that he can help you with, or perhaps a subject on which you can ask is advice, this can really make him feel more confident and useful and perhaps even important in your life.

It’s absolutely key for you to show your respect for your man’s abilities, even it’s only that he’s able to open a jam jar!

Men need to be respected by any woman they’re serious about and appreciated for what he can do.

As you might have noticed men like to fix things and like to produce solutions to problems (sometimes when they’re not even needed wanted). You can use this aspect of man psychology to your own advantage.

Sidebar – a funny video – the difference between men and women

And in any case, let’s face it – it’s great to have somebody to help you make decisions and do things. Wanting to help someone is not just a part of falling in love – it’s about being decent to another human being.


No matter how much you want him to fall in love with you, no matter how much you want to make him fall in love with you, your boy – or your man if you prefer – should have a mind of his own.

Of course you can’t actually “make him fall in love with you”. He should be free to choose what he wants… you’re just showing him one of his better options – you!

So act casual, and wait for things to develop between you. Don’t use the word “girlfriend” before he does – he might run a mile.

Despite the fact that men like to be seen as confident and self-assured, the truth is that often deep down inside they’re quite scared (maybe just like you?). And by the way, no matter how much you might want a man to propose to you, and no matter how much you might want to get married, this really isn’t the time to talk about marriage and babies.

Remember, women know all about enticing a man – it’s in our genes! In the beginning of any relationship, you need to spend time together, because you’re finding out all the things you need to know about each other to establish whether or not you have a long-term future. On the other hand, if you act a little bit “hard to get”, you’re certainly going to entice him, and make him pursue you harder. This is NOT about playing games, it’s just about making sure that you’re not on the end of the phone waiting for him to call you every minute of the day.

After all, you’re an independent woman, right? And you do have other friends to spend time with?

Well, even if you don’t, you can find other things to fill your time which will remind him he is not the “be all and end all” of your life, and he can’t take you for granted. And he’ll respect you a lot more if you make that clear with your behavior now.